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Entrance of the Canal into the Hudson at Albany

Courtesy Yale Art Gallery

Pattern Category: Places

Object Type: Wares for Coffee and Tea

Considered Rare


This cup plate comes from a very small series known as the Star and Flute Border Series.  Pieces in this series are extremely rare, to say the least.  This cup plate is one of three Erie Canal views, and there is only one known example wih this view in a museum.  Since Enoch Wood and the Stevensons were the only ones using these three views of the Erie Canal (see the other two cup plate views in this exhibit), one might assume that one of those was the maker.  Even noted authors say that it was made PROBABLY by Andrew Stevenson or Ralph Stevenson and Williams or possibly Enoch Wood and Sons.  It should be noted that Enoch Wood used in his view of this scene the words Entrance of the Erie Canal....., while Andrew Stevenson (See in this exhibit) and Ralph Stevenson and Williams (See in this exhibit),  used the phrase Entrance of the Canal....., omitting the word Erie.

There are three other views in this series, a plate and a platter with English scenes, and a platter with a possible American view tentatively identified as The Headwaters of the Juniata.


Maker Unknown