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This online exhibit is dedicated to the following pioneers who began this research and contributed so much to our present understanding.  David and Linda Arman,  Edwin Atlee Barber,  R. T. Haines Halsey, Samuel H. Laidacker, and Elouise Baker Larsen. 


This exhibition was made possible through a generous donation from Klaus and Marcia Zech
and through a Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Research Grant  from The Transferware Collectors Club

Sponsoring Organizations

The Transferware Collectors Club

The Winterthur Museum

Historic New England

Project Director

Loren Zeller, President of the Transferware Collectors Club: Without his knowledge, commitment, and patience, this exhibit would not have been possible.

Content Consultants

There are a few individuals without whose generous help this website would not have been possible. In acknowledging their contributions we thank them for access to their collections, researches and archives - any errors in interpretation are our own.

The Goldberg and Brown Collection:  Hayden Goldberg and Curtis Brown generously provided access to their extensive collection of American Historical Staffordshre for the purpose of photographing and documenting items for this exhibition.
Patricia Halfpenny: 
Patricia's deep knowledge of the Staffordshire potteries coupled with her extensive experience as curator of ceramics has made it possible for the exhibition to bring to light newly documented historical content and sources for the printed designs featured in this exhibit.
Kurt O'Hare and Ted Gallagher
: Their tireless efforts to photograph and record the extensive Goldberg and Brown Collection has made a significant contribution to the printed designs exhibited on this site.   
Laura Johnson:
Associate Curator, Historic New England, whose scholarly researches into New England sources  contributed new and  exciting information to the historical and pottery print source content.
Roger Pomfret: Roger's knowledge of the history of the Stafforshire potteries and their owners has been invaluable in developing the exhibition's historical content.

Content Contributors: Individuals

We thank the following individuals who gave of their time and expertise contributing valuable content:

Curtis Brown
Chet Creutzburg
Ted Gallagher
Hayden Goldberg
Anne Hosmer
Bill and Terry Kurau
Rodney Hampson

David Martin
Kurt O'Hare
Weston Palmer
Peggy Sutor


Content Contributors: Organizations


Historic New England
The Transferware Collectors Club
The Winterthur Museum & Country Estate

Exhibition Project Team

Patricia Halfpenny, Project Leader
Laura Johnson
Len Kling
Kurt O'Hare
Weston Palmer
Cheryl Payne

Roger Pomfret
Connie Rogers
Loren Zeller, Project Leader