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Cambridge College, Massachusetts

Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. ca. 1828

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Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.


Harvard University, ca. 1828, from the perspective of the Old Burying Ground and present-day Massachusetts Avenue. The buildings, from left to right, are: Stoughton Hall, Holden Chapel, Hollis Hall, Harvard Hall, University Hall and Massachusetts Hall. The Class Tree stands in the Holden-Hollis-Harvard yard.

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The large, lithographed view  is titled "Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass." with "A.J. Davis, del. 1828" at the lower left, "Pendleton's Litho." at the lower right and "Published by Hilliard and Brown of Cambridge and W. & J. Pendleton, Boston" centered below the title. Commonly referred to as the "Davis-Pendleton view," it was this version that Ridgway and others used to produce their Cambridge College.

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Cambridge College, Massachusetts
John & William Ridgway