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Commodore MacDonnough's Victory

Winterthur Museum, bequest of Henry Francis du Pont

Print Title:

Macdonough's Victory on Lake Champlain: AND DEFEAT OF THE BRITISH ARMY AT PLATSBURG BY GENL. MACOMB, SEPT. 11TH 1814. 


Colored engraving, by Benjamin Tanner after painting by Hugh Reinagle, 1816.
Inscribed lower left beneath the scene Painted by H. Reinagle and in bottom left corner  Printed by Rogers & Esler,  In lower right beneath the scene Engraved by B. Tanner and in bottom right corner Entered according to Act of Congress, the 22nd day of May, 1816; by Benjamin Tanner, of the State of Pennsylvania and beneath the title Published 4th July 1816 by B. TANNER Engraver No. 74 South Eighth Street Philadelphia.

Print Source:

This print  is perhaps one of the most commonly seen images of the War of 1812 and must have been produced in large numbers.

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Commodore MacDonnough's Victory
Enoch Wood & Sons