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Arms of Massachusetts

detail from an engraving of a facsimile of the  Declaration of Independence. 
Published by John Binns, 1818/19.

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Declaration of Independence (detail)


The Great Seal of the State of Massachusetts,  etched and engraved by Geo. Murray, printed on wove paper,  Registered by John Binns, 1818, printed 1819.

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The detail of the State Arms is taken from a large facsimile of the Declaration of Independence, published by John Binns, in a design registered in 1818 and printed in 1819. Encircling the text of the Declaration is a ceremonial chain with medallions bearing portraits of Founding Fathers and the arms of each state.  Binns hoped to distribute 200 copies of the design and it seems that at least one made it to England where, between 1826 and 1830, Thomas Mayer, potter of Stoke-upon Trent, used it to produce a series of designs. It is believed that he used 12 of original 13  states’ coats of arms as New Hampshire has never been seen in this series of pottery prints.

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Potter: Thomas Mayer

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Arms of Massachusetts
Thomas Mayer