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Water Works, Philadelphia

Pattern Category: Places

Series: Acorn and Oak Leaves Border

Object Type: Dinner and Dessert Wares


  • Diameter: 10.25 inches


While this  plate shows the same structure pictured in the Henshall & Co. pattern, Dam and Water Works, Philadelphia, it is a different view with a Conestoga wagon in the foreground.   The source of the view is a drawing by J.J. Bartlett.  The Fairmount Water Works was initially built 1812-1815 on the east bank of the Schuylkill to help ensure a safe water supply for the city.  Improvements in successive years increased the reliability of the supply.  The Classical Revival exterior was much admired and the place became a popular tourist spot due to its beauty and location on the river.  It was in use until 1909 and today houses a restaurant.