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Mitchell and Freeman's China and Glass Warehouse Chatham Street, Boston

Mitchell & Freeman's China, Crockery & Glass-Ware House, Chatman St., Boston.
from Pendleton Lithography, Boston 1828 - 1831
Collection of the Boston Athenaeum, 1994.37

Print Title:

Mitchell and Freeman's China, Crockery & Glass Warehouse, Chatham St., Boston


The only known version of this print is in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum.It is thought to have been commissioned by the owners of the warehouse, Freeman Watson and Nathan Mitchell. A few pottery importers worked directly with their English suppliers, receiving goods transferprinted with the importer's name. The view printed on this plate may be an extension of that relationship.

Printed by Pendleton Lithography between 1826 and 1831, this is one of two prints done of china and crockery warehouses in Boston. In 1824 William Pendleton studied engraving with Abel Bowen in Boston while his brother John studied the lithographic process in Paris. The two brothers officially launched their lithography business in 1826. Considered by some as the pioneers of lithography in Boston, the brothers had a host of talented artists working for them. They rose to prominence in part due to their association with Rembrandt Peale, who joined them early in the partnership and drew for them. The Pendleton firm remained the only lithographic enterprise for only two short years. The Senefelder Lithographic Company, a partnership between engravers Hazen Morse, John Chorley, William E. Annin and George C. Smith with Thomas Edwards soon hired some Pendleton artists away from the firm and worked in competition with Pendleton until they were bought out by William in 1831.

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Mitchell and Freeman's China and Glass Warehouse Chatham Street Boston
William Adams & Sons