Wright's Ferry, on the Susquehanna

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Colored aquatint, by T, Cartwright, after an original artwork by George Beck, published London 1809
The engraving is inscribed lower left Drawn by G. Beck, lower right Engraved by T. Cartwright and centre above the title Published Jany. 1, 1809, by Geo. Nightingale, No. 143 Leadenhall Street, London.

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George Beck, a landscape painter born in Staffordshire England in 1746, moved to the United States in 1795 and eventually settled in Lexington, Kentucky where he died in 1812.  Several of his American landscapes were engraved and published in various editions and over a number of years. An almost identical engraving of Wright's Ferry by  G. Cooke  was inscribed from a Print by Permission of Mr Nightingale and published in London  by Longman Hurst Rees Orme Brown Paternoster Row April 1, 1812.

Wrights ferry

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Wright's Ferry on the Susquehanna
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