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General La Fayette, Welcome to the Land of Liberty

Pattern Category: Heraldic and Commemorative

Object Type: Dinner and Dessert Wares


  • Diameter: 10.4 inches

Considered Rare


This is one of several versions of this apparently commemorative plate.  The full text below the portrait says: HE WAS BORN AT AUVERGNE IN FRANCE 1757 JOINED THE AMERICAN STRUGGLE/ IN 1777 HE RETURNED TO FRANCE LOADED WITH THE HONOURS AND GRATITUDE OF/ THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. HE RETURNED IN THE CADAMUS TO NEW YORK. Aug. 13th 1824.

This plate was probably to honor La Fayette's triumphal return to the United States as depicted in the view Landing of Gen. La Fayette at Castle Garden New York 16 August 1824.