Patterns Considered Rare

In this online exhibition the term “considered rare” has been used to denote patterns, or shapes, or combinations of patterns and shapes, which are not commonly found.  Usually less than thirty examples have been recorded.  This is a transitory classification and may change with continued research. 

A View of the Late Protestant Dutch Church in the city of Albany
Aqueduct Bridge at Little Falls, The
Aqueduct Bridge at Rochester, The
Arms of Connecticut
Arms of Delaware
Arms of Georgia
Arms of Maryland
Arms of Massachusetts
Arms of New Jersey
Arms of Pennsylvania
Arms of Virginia
Baltimore Alms House
Baltimore Assembly Rooms
Baltimore Hospital
Battle of Bunker Hill
Belleville on the Passaic River
Boreham House, Essex
Boston Exchange Coffee House
Brooklyn Ferry
Capital, Albany
Catholic Cathedral, NY
Chillicothe #1
Chillicothe #2
Church in the City of New York
City Hotel, New York
Columbia College
Columbia College - A. Stevenson #2
Columbia College, N. Y. - R. Stevenson
Constitution and Guerriere
Dorney Court
Entrance of the Canal into the Hudson at Albany
Entrance of the Canal into the Hudson at Albany - A. Stevenson
Faulkbourn Hall
Four Medallion
Fulton Market, New York
General La Fayette, Welcome to the Land of Liberty
Halstead Essex
Harvard College #3
Headwaters of the Juniata
Holliday Street Theatre, Baltimore
Hospital Boston #1 - R. Stevenson
Junction of the Sacandaga and Hudson Rivers
Lawrence Mansion, Boston (so-called)
Mount Pleasant Classical Institution, Amherst, Mass.
Mount Vernon, the Seat of the Late Gen'l Washington
New York Battery
New York Bay
New York from Heights Nr Brooklyn #02
New York from Weehawk
Oatlands, Surrey
Park Theater
Park Theatre, New York - Geddes
President Washington
Remains of Covet Hall, Essex
Ship Under Full Sail
State House, Boston - Stevenson
Staughton's Church, Philadelphia - Stevenson & Williams
Temple of Fame as Introduced in a Print to the Memory of Commodore Perry
Tunbridge Castle, Surry
View at Hurl Gate, East River
View Near Catskill on the River Hudson
View of the Aquaduct Bridge at Little Falls
View of the Aqueduct Bridge at Little Falls
Washington and La Fayette