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Capital, Albany

Pattern Category: Heraldic and Commemorative

Series: Medallion Portrait

Object Type: Dinner and Dessert Wares

Considered Rare


The measurements of this pitcher are: 8-5/16 inches high at midpoint of spout 9 inches high at sides of spout,  4-9/16 inches diameter at table rim, 22-1/2 inches circumference. It is a most scarce SIX medallion portrait pitcher by Ralph Stevenson containing the portraits common to most four-medallion pieces at the top, Jefferson, Washington, La Fayette and Clinton, but also containing, at the bottom, the portraits of Kent (1763-1847, Chief Justice of the Courts of the State of New York), and Coke (pronounced COOK), Sir Edward Coke, 1552-1634, eminent English jurist.