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America and Independence #02

Pattern Category: Heraldic and Commemorative

Series: America and Independence

Alternate Names: Building, deer on lawn

Object Type: Dinner and Dessert Wares


The series to which this plate belongs is also known as The States Series, as well as The States Border Series, due to the states' names in the border.    Lady Justice is on the left, holding a medallion with a portrait of George Washington; Lady Liberty is on the right.  There is also a Masonic symbol.

The numbering system is that used by David Arman in his 1974 book on historical Staffordshire.  It starts with the number 2 as his number 1 is devoted to the Landing of La Fayette pattern.  There are 14 different center views in this series (the last being number 15).  The sometimes unwieldy names in the alternate name spot with this series is also that used by Arman to describe the scene.

Recent discoveries and the research efforts of author and lecturer Dick Henrywood indicate that the center views in this series are all British.  The source prints for these views have led to the specific identification of all the structures, save one.  This view is known as Bushy, Middlesex, and appears in an article by Dick Henrywood in Ceramics in America 2011, entitled "The States Border Series by Ralph & James Clews", as figure 6 on p. 105.